Laundry Scents

Laundry is supposed to smell good or what is the point of cleaning your clothes?  But did you know some of the scents used in the traditional big box laundry products are actually toxic?  That means it is time to start making natural laundry products with pleasant scents minus the toxins.

Lettuce Grow It Again

Think of it as recycling only better since you can keep eating fresh food for the price of one.  Buy some lettuce, eat the leaves and re-grow the bottoms for more greens.  These are some crops you can re-grow from cuttings with little effort and a good yield.

  • Lettuce/Bok Choy/Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Onions/Leek/Green Onion
  • Garlic
  • Potato/Sweet Potato
  • Ginger

Today we are focusing on lettuce and celery because it has proven to be the easiest and/or quickest to re-grow. 

Transplants Welcome

Gardening is all about timing and sometimes luck, but mostly timing.  There is a general schedule of growing that gardeners may choose to follow.  If you are late to any growing season, don’t fret, you can catch up by transplanting seedlings into any garden.

Seedlings are young plants grown from seed in small containers.  These small containers are usually referred to as a “6-pack” because of the 6 individual growing areas for 6 seedlings.  There are also “12-packs” or just a lonely “1-pack.”

Planting from seedling transplants has many benefits like extending your growing season

Impress With Letterpress

Here are my fully compostable letterpress business cards. Yes, the back side of  the card actually feels like wood, minus the splinters.  I have received many more compliments on the feel than one would expect from a “plain old” business card.  I do have to admit, these cards are pretty special for many reasons. They were hand-crafted by a member of the GreenUp! Community, who launched his greeting card company, Life Is Funny Press about 3 years ago, but is now doing letterpress printing full time! So are there lessons learned from the “antique” letterpress process? Taking modern technology out of the equation yields a more personal feel with the human magic touch. But of course, GreenUp! Guy wants to know…