Someone walks in LA.

By transitioning into an avid walker in Los Angeles, I am greatly reducing my oil consumption.   To spread the joy I will offer some tips on how to survive as a pedestrian in this city environment rampant with road rage infused traffic.  Factor in rising gas prices and you may want to take to the streets as well.   Walking is not only great exercise, it allows you to become aware of your neighborhood attractions and businesses. You are welcome to add your own tips in the comments section.

Green Day!

Last Sunday was a green day!  Early to rise to pick oranges for local food banks.

Freshly picked oranges heading for local food banksFood Forward orchestrated this excellent event and they provide a great picking tool that resembles an elongated Lacrosse stick.  It is quite fun to operate initially, but after a while your neck hurts as you eye the upper branches of the tree for the best oranges to pick off.  Since the San Fernando Valley is abundant with citrus trees this pick took place on the campus of California State University Northridge, which is long for CSUN.  There are various pick locations, some taking place in local residents’ front and back yards as they offer fruits from their trees to benefit local food banks.  It was a truly rewarding experience and I have already signed up for my next pick, despite the mild temporary neck ache.  Check out Food Forward for more information.

What’s next?

So what is next for GreenUp! Guy?  A totally new career path is in order.  The objective line on my latest resume now reads “Seeking a position that promotes environmental awareness, sustainability and benefits the community in which it conducts business.”  I think that I can do a lot of field research in and around the farmers’ markets of Los Angeles.  I will be talking to these new businesses setting up shop at the farmers’ markets.  I will find out what organic food along with eco-friendly craft (will people understand what this means) items that are being sold at the farmers’ markets.  I will explore pricing and see how it compares to buying at other types stores (markets).  I will find the businesses focused on helping the environment and how they are benefiting the community.

From greening to cleaning and back

Just to warn you, I have been known to tell long winded, sometimes un-followable stories.  My second goal of this blog is to stay laser focused on the challenges ahead and stay on track; if you don’t remember my first goal is to not be preachy, so far so good.

So back to that laser focus of mine, I want to find a career that allows me to fiscally survive in Los Angeles and provide benefit to the environment and my community at the same time. 

Introducing GreenUp! Guy

I was laid off after 11 years of service at an internet company (in the automotive industry) in Los Angeles.  There was a need for cutbacks and my position was a dollar sign and subsequently cut back.  I relished the job and it was good while it lasted, but I can’t help but feel like I have been evolving for the past few years and finally ready for something new.  What would that something be?

I find myself extremely concerned about the state of the environment.   Even though it is “in” to be green and everybody is driving Prii (read, multiple of Prius),