What’s next?

So what is next for GreenUp! Guy?  A totally new career path is in order.  The objective line on my latest resume now reads “Seeking a position that promotes environmental awareness, sustainability and benefits the community in which it conducts business.”  I think that I can do a lot of field research in and around the farmers’ markets of Los Angeles.  I will be talking to these new businesses setting up shop at the farmers’ markets.  I will find out what organic food along with eco-friendly craft (will people understand what this means) items that are being sold at the farmers’ markets.  I will explore pricing and see how it compares to buying at other types stores (markets).  I will find the businesses focused on helping the environment and how they are benefiting the community.

Working 9-to-5, M-F, I was only able to patronize weekend farmers markets.  I always thought that there were a lot of weekend markets, but weekdays rival the number of weekend markets.  California residents can find their closest farmers’ markets by going to the Certified California Farmers’ Market official website.  For a list all 50 States’ markets, check out the USDA Farmers’ Market site.  I am now an iPhone dork, so of course there’s an app for that.  The Farmers’ Market Finder iPhone app has proven to be helpful tool in finding when and where the markets take place.

For now, I will enjoy being out and about around town, exploring farmers’ markets and I will be talking to these new businesses setting up shop at the farmers’ markets. I’m excited to see what’s out there besides produce–things like organic prepared foods, artisanal fare, or ingenious things that just make this world a better place. I’d also like to get a sense of how farmers’ market prices compare to stores like Ralphs or Whole Foods.  What excites me most is mingling with the small businesses trying to make their community a better place.

See you at the market, GreenUp! Guy

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