Green Day!

Last Sunday was a green day!  Early to rise to pick oranges for local food banks.  Freshly picked oranges heading for local food banksFood Forward orchestrated this excellent event and they provide a great picking tool that resembles an elongated Lacrosse stick.  It is quite fun to operate initially, but after a while your neck hurts as you eye the upper branches of the tree for the best oranges to pick off.  Since the San Fernando Valley is abundant with citrus trees this pick took place on the campus of California State University Northridge, which is long for CSUN.  There are various pick locations, some taking place in local residents’ front and back yards as they offer fruits from their trees to benefit local food banks.  It was a truly rewarding experience and I have already signed up for my next pick, despite the mild temporary neck ache.  Check out Food Forward for more information.

A quick break for lunch then off to gardening class.  I am participating in the Grow LA Victory Garden initiative.

 A nice setting for gardening class. subject: pests and weedsMaster Gardeners teach this informative and hands-on gardening 101 class at 17 garden locations throughout the Los Angeles area.  Pests and weeds was the subject of the third installment of this four part series.  I learned that there are beneficial insects that help vegetation while eliminating specific harmful insects.  This class comes just in the nick of time since I recently planted a succulent, vegetable, herb and fruit garden on my balcony.  I have been spending some quality time with my garden, reassessing and implementing new practices as I learn them.  I hope to have a flourishing and bountiful summer garden.

Well it is officially Earth Day 2011.  To celebrate, I will be broadcasting green tips and fun facts throughout the day.  You can follow me on twitter @greenupgarden or Facebook to get these tips.

Happy Earth Day 2011, GreenUp! Guy

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