Going Compostal

I have never composted before in my life, though I have wanted to for a few years now.  I always thought that you couldn’t compost without having a yard.  Since I recently started growing some vegetables and herbs on the balcony, my ex-roommate, still-friend convinced me that apartment-dwellers can compost by using a worm bin.  My still-friend is going to teach me the ways of a composting guru.  I will then share my learnings and experience.

This worm compositing bin system comes with everything except the worms.

The bin purchased is the Worm Factory 360 and is 18″ square, so it will fit in very small spaces such as my oddly shaped balcony.

This worm bin is 18″ square and will fit is very small outdoor spaces.

Worm composting works by using the worms to recycle leftover food (no meats or oils) and other organic material into compost. The worms eat the materials and it passes through them becoming compost in the form of worm poop, better known in the biz as “worm castings” street name “black gold”.

I am excited about all aspects of composting.  Excited about not having to throw away all of my vegetable and fruit remnants, egg shells and other organic matter.  Excited about composting mail (minus the plastic portions),  cardboard, newspaper, leftover phone books.  Excited about adding some new members to the household.  I am still trying to figure out names for my worms before they arrive.  Any thoughts?

Bye for now, GreenUp! Guy

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  1. Wormfarming Gal, please let me know more about your worm farm. I would love to find out more and encourage others to start their own worm composting bins. I am extremely excited about the progress my worm bin is making. They are like a part of the family.

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