Flowers bloom in time for June Gloom

June Gloom is in full effect in California.  If you are not familiar with that term, June is normally the month where the marine layer (aka clouds) come on shore and stick around throughout most of the daylight hours nearer the beach.  This layer also makes its way to inland Valleys such as San Fernando, which has graciously given us the popular Valley Girl and the saying, “gag me with a spoon” and Santa Clarita the home of Magic Mountain, which some people use that previous term to describe as well.

Cucumber plant flower 1st flower on my Persian Cucumber plant just in time for “June GlooAs a California native, I have experienced many June Glooms and I love it.  Though something has driven us apart and I am quickly falling out of love with it.  We are parting ways now that I am growing food and I welcome the showering of sunshine on my balcony garden.  Just as June Gloom has been ushered in, my vegetable plants are flowering in full force.  I spotted the first flower on my Persian cucumber plant and for that reason alone, I want my California sunshine back.

Worm Bin Composting Update: Worms are arriving tonight while the food scraps have been breaking down in the bin.   The process will get a jump-start with the arrival of the red wiggler worms, which is the proper variety for composting.

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Signing off — GreenUp! Guy

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