Are you spongeworthy?

My goal for this blog is to share ways to green your life while saving money.  I am taking inventory of my day-to-day activities, from cleaning to grooming to health, and exploring the natural product equivalent.  I realized that I have been green in one area, the real sea sponge in my kitchen purchased from Saint John’s Sponge Company at Brentwood Farmers’ Market about 6 months ago.  My previous sponge was the corporate synthetic version at about $4 for three.  Those sponges would quickly become dirty, smell and fall apart.  I found myself buying new sponges more often than it seemed necessary.

Since I have been using this $8 Sea Wool Sponge for 6 months, I noticed that the sponge has not deteriorated at all, the sponge always squeezes out dry, no materials stick to it when rinsed out, therefore no smell and it feels great to use.Basically, the sponge is exactly like it was when I bought it new.  I was excited to visit Kerry Raptis, co-owner of  Saint John’s Sponge Company, to tell her how impressed and amazed I was about the sea sponge performance in the kitchen.  In fact, I just purchased a new sponge for the shower.  I realize this product is going to last through the years so I don’t mind spending a little more money upfront as it will pay for itself over time.

Sea sponging has been around since the early 1900s in the US as Kerry educated me on the history.   When the wealthy Snow Birds of Florida discovered the sponge beds, they sent for the Greeks as they were familiar with harvesting sponges in the Mediterranean.

Kerry explained that many shoppers come in for the first time to “kick the tires” but they are wondering how environmentally friendly it is to use sea sponges.  100% natural and biodegradable, sea sponges have been growing and re-growing for over a million years and has been harvested for the past few centuries.  When harvesting sponges at 40 feet deep, a portion is left behind to promote growth.   Sponges continue to grow at a rate of 1/2″ in diameter per month.

There are so many uses for these sponges from cleaning your baby to your face to your car to your horse to your dishes to adorning your fish in the aquarium, this is truly a jack of all trades tool to have in your home.  There are many benefits to using a sea sponge as they exfoliate gently, rinse clean, leave no dirt inside, naturally inhibit bacterial growth, won’t harbor residue or odor, they hold loads of water and will not stain to name just a few.

Here are three of the four types of sea sponges offered:

Sea Wool Sponge
Sea Wool Sponge

Yellow Sponge
Yellow Sponge

Grass Sponge
Grass Sponge

So how does this save you money?  Sea sponges used in the kitchen require only a quarter (1/4) the amount of liquid soap as needed by a synthetic sponge.  The fact that this sponge can last you into the better part of a decade saves you money year-after-year.  It will almost pay for itself over time.  Okay, enough sounding like an infomercial airing at 3 AM.

Beautiful center piece Soothing center piece at Saint John’s Sponge booth.
I am sure that you are convinced about using sea sponges over synthetic so your next question is where can I buy these amazing sea sponges?  Visit these farmers’ markets in the Los Angeles area:

or online at Saint John’s Sponge Company

Oh, I almost forgot the best part about these sponges, they make people happy and we can always use more of that.

Signing off — GreenUp! Guy

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