Friday FM Fun & Kimchee Guacamole

There’s no better way to ring in the weekend than hanging out in a cozy-community with a cup of coffee, the Venice breeze, and early a.m. sunshine. That’s why Matteo (a.k.a “Tater”) and I meet our friends every Friday morning at the Venice Farmers Market

This particular market isn’t the largest, and it doesn’t even offer the widest selection of organics, but it abounds in familiar & friendly faces, kids, leashed dogs, feel-good vibes, and an eccentric mix of folks. The market runs from 7am – 11am, but don’t stress about getting there early–there’s free AND adjacent parking. We usually meet our friends at the coffee cart. It’s easy enough to spot; just look for a circle of adult and mini chairs and folks munching on fresh-baked croissants or bagels.

From there we head straight to Dave’s Gourmet Korean stand. Everything here is vegan, organic, and MSG-free. Their veggie broth ($3 / cup) and spicy tempeh ($5) are to-die-for, but a little on the pricey side for this mama. But let me say, Tater will gobble anything up from Dave’s stand, and sporadically I’ll take feeding the babe fast, easy, and healthy over saving a buck-or-two. One thing we do buy is Dave’s kimchee. At $7 a jar it’s double the price of most kimchee’s but it tastes fresher than what I can find at the market. And I make that $7 work pretty  hard; I add kimchee to everything! Not only is it healthy, it’s got that spicy kick I need to keep things exciting!

Because we had a bag of avocados from Trader Joes that were soft and tender, I decided to get creative. Here’s my recipe for kimchee guacamole:

  • 2-3 avocados
  • large minced garlic clove
  • 2 good-sized limes
  • salt
  • kimchee, finely diced, to taste (I add about 1/3 cup, but I’m spice crazy)

Mash everything together and serve with chips, fresh veggies, or layer on sandwiches. This is especially good layered with broccoli sprouts and goat cheese on fresh whole wheat bread. For the most affordable, organic sprouts check out my post on shopping on the cheap!

There’s tons  more to see at the Friday Venice FM. When you’re done, why not prance over to the Venice Canals for a magical walk through duck-laden sparkling water and peeks into modern, glass-house living? Or, take your little one to play at the charming little duck park off of Linnie Canal. Be prepared to fend off brazen ducks, though, especially if you’re food-laden. But that’s all in a day’s adventure, right? Before you know it, you’ll have whittled away half the day, shopped for groceries, played AND remembered why it’s not-so-bad to live in LA.

– Until next time, Monique

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