Change is in the air, I can smell it.

Streets of Santa Monica CanyonWhere are the smells coming from?

The smell of the Pacific Ocean while riding my bike on the w  i  d  e  bike lane of San Vicente Blvd, then zig-zaging down through the unique streets of Santa Monica Canyon, through the tunnel under the Pacific Coast Highway, connecting to the bike path at Will Rogers State Beach.  Coincidentally, this is the beach where Gidget and her “swell gang” enjoyed their weekly beach blanket blowouts.

The smell of the free Apple Blossoms from Armstrong Nursery’s Customer Appreciation Day, which I stealthy planted in front of my apartment building.  This act is known as Guerrilla Gardening and is a growing movement in Los Angeles and around the world wherever help is needed in the landscape department.

CelebretteThe smell of organic soil from my first balcony garden where I am hoping to successfully grow cucumbers, hot peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, strawberries and assorted herbs.  That smell makes me feel like I have a garden in real yard.

Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Hot Peppers This is my first vegetable garden. I have a lot to learn, but with the help of friends, family and community, anything can be donThe smell of the natural cleaning and personal care products that I am phasing into my day-to-day life.  Like the Trader Joe’s Citrus Body Wash, Trader Joe’s Honey Mango Shave Cream, Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps (Rose and Peppermint varieties), Tom’s of Maine Spearmint Toothpaste.  I will follow-up with likes, dislikes and where to find the best deals on the products that make the cut.

This is just an intermediate step on the path to making my own natural products.  I am looking to friends, family and community (aka you) to guide me in the world of do-it-yourself products.  Then I will pass on what I have learned so we can all benefit.

TJs body washNatural shave cream from Trader Joe's

Dr Bronner Magic SoapTom's natural spearmint tooth paste

These new smells give me hope, excitement and anticipation as I get a fresh start in different areas of my daily life.  My nose looks forward to the smells of change in my near future.

Smell ya’ later, GreenUp! Guy

2 thoughts on “Change is in the air, I can smell it.

  1. Not a fan of the TJ citrus body wash / shampoo products as they list parabens, which are linked to reproductive dangers & cancer, in their ingredients 🙁 Whole Foods has a brand of shampoos, body washes, & conditioners which are paraben-free and pretty darned cheap. But then you have to go to WF and risk spending $30 on a sandwich 🙂

  2. I have been seeing a lot of paraben-free labels on the natural products and now I know. I am going to be on the hunt for paraben-free shampoo, body washes and conditioners. I will make sure to go to Whole Foods after I have eaten my lunch so I won’t be tempted by the pricey, but good sandwiches. Wholefoods sandwich tip, if Salt-Crusted Turkey is ever on the menu, try it. Thank you Enthusability for sharing and I will make sure to pass it on.

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