Happy Carmageddon-eve

EXPECT MAJOR DELAYSWhether or not Carmageddon is going to come to pass starting at 7 PM tonight, Friday, July 15, 2011 AD, no one knows for sure.  No matter what happens, there are opportunities to take advantage of and positive messages being sent out.

How about free rides on Metro buses and subways, check here for more information.  I will definitely be taking a free ride on my favorite lines, Metro Rapid 704 and 720.  Many routes will have added buses and trains to accommodate.  What a great opportunity to try out LA public transportation, plan your trip.
Local representatives are encouraging us to shop locally and explore your neighborhood.  I am a huge proponent of this and literally walk the walk to many of my local businesses and restaurants.  Walking the street is a great way to learn what type of businesses are around and shopping locally helps your community and economy.

I will start with that this is all sold out, but Jet Blue offered $4 flights from Burbank  Airport to Long Beach Airport.  I wonder if there is any time to get served cocktails on that flight?

Need to get from the Valley to LAX this weekend to catch a flight?  Try a helicopter ride from Van Nuys Airport to LAX.  It will cost you $150 for a one-way and $275 for a round trip.  That is not very “green” but people will do what they need to do to stay on schedule.

Whatever you do this impending and disastrous weekend, please be safe, try something new and different and leave your car at home.  Even if traffic isn’t bad, what is the harm in saving some gas and money?

BTWN 101 to I10FRI 10PM TO MON 5AM

This is where my car will be all weekend, but that is becoming the norm for me.

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