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By GreenUp! Community Blogger – Tice

If you’re like me, you’re frustrated that disposable razor cartridges are expensive, wasteful, and shaving is much more of a ‘chore’ than a pleasurable experience.  We do it because we have to, not necessarily because we want to.  My goal is to provide a brief education on your options, improve your overall shaving experience, and show you how shaving can be green and save you green(backs) at the same time.

My story started over a month ago when I was going through some boxes in the garage.  I was looking to find things I didn’t need that I could either donate to charity or sell.  I came across a cased vintage Gillette Safety Razor that once belonged to my father, and my immediate thought was, ‘How much can I get for this on eBay?’ I looked it up and found that I could make a few bucks, but then I thought, ‘Do they still make blades for these razors?’  Well, the answer is a resounding yes, and I had just opened doors to a shaving world I never knew existed!  That was the beginning.

I am going to share information with you that I’ve learned since I discovered this gem in my garage.  Because I have a lot to say about this, and being that many of us have short attention spans, I’m going to break my information in a few parts.  .  While I am not an  expert, I believe I can share value with you as a ‘newbie’ to the retro shaving community.

There is a long history of razors and shaving, dating back to primitive man using sharpened shark teeth or clam shells. Eventually razors evolved into stone blades, metallic blades, straight razors, safety razors (single edge, double edge or DE, cartridge, and disposables), and electric razors.  It is important for you to understand that current razor makers are in the business of making money on the refills, a LOT of money if you’re using Excel, Fusion, Quattro, or any other cartridge or disposable razors.  In many cases, you pay about $3-$4 for a single cartridge!  The other part of the story, which I never knew until recently, is that most shaving creams and gels not only dull your blades faster, they are typically not good for your skin and can dry it out.  Don’t get fooled by the Aloe in that can!  They put it in there to try to balance out all the ingredients that dry you out.  Chances are if you are using an aerosol based gel or cream, there is butane in it, and that expedites the dulling process!  Quite a racket, right?  Not only are you paying a fortune for blades, you’re going through them faster!  Also, have you read the chemicals that are in the canned creams and gels?  If you can’t pronounce it, why are you using it?

Have I piqued your interest yet?  This is just the beginning.  Because I want you to save money and have a smaller environmental impact with your shaving, my next entry will dive straight in to safety razors.  It will blow your mind when you find out how affordable shaving can be!  Future entries will cover  soaps/creams/gels, shaving brushes, accessories, and straight razor shaving (the ultimate ‘green’ shave).  Please share your experiences, suggestions and comments on shaving.  I am happy to communicate with you one-on-one as well at   Thank you very much, and I’ll see you with my next entry on safety razors.

– Tice is a GreenUp! Community member who loves sharing his tips on how to be more sustainable and economical in daily life.

2 thoughts on “Shave Sense/Cents

  1. Nice article Tice!
    Shaving is one area (I’m sure it’s far from being the only one) where taking a more resourceful approach actually yields a lot more luxury than the alternative! Far from being a sacrifice at all.

    I hadn’t thought of straight razor shaving as being a “green” approach, just the most awesome one. Another point for straights!

  2. Based on Tice’s recommendations for safety razors, I have switched. It is the closest shave I have ever experienced. I have been shaving for about 20 years and always used those expensive multi-blade cartridges. I can’t believe it has taken me so many dollars and years to make the switch.

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