Sowing the seeds of love

When I checked my email this morning, the first article that appeared in my inbox was as follows:

“Consolidation of seed companies leading to corporate domination of world food supply.”


Though refreshing not to hear about the soap opera going on in DC known as the “Debt Ceiling”, this seems to be just as alarming, if not more.  Basically Monsanto, Dow Industries and other large corporations are buying out all of the smaller seed companies.  This is making it even more difficult for small farmers to survive as the seed industry is becoming a monopoly.  The small independent farmers must go with the flow or get out of the business.  One way that these companies fly under the radar is by selling their seeds under a different name.

An entertaining way to see what corporate domination in the food supply, check out Food Inc.   This eye opening documentary about how our food supply is becoming corporatized and putting the businesses’ bottom line before their customer’s health.  One way this is happening is by the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) seeds.

On the GMO semi-news front, President Obama recently deregulated the use of GMO alfalfa and beets. (Obama Deregulates GMO Crops Despite Supreme Court Injunction – 6/2/11)


How can you secure yourself against this takeover of the food supply and the GMO infiltration?  Here are just a few ideas.

1.  Become a member of a Seed Library

This is a depository of seeds held for members of that library.  Members borrow seed to plant in their garden and after the growing season is over they will let a few plants “go to seed.”  Members will collect seeds and return the same amount or more of seed that were borrowed.  Search for Seed Libraries in your area.

seeds_slolaI am a proud member of the Seed Library of Los Angeles (SLOLA).  I found out about SLOLA when I was taking gardening class at the Learning Garden on Venice High School grounds.  The board (any member who donates $10 have their meetings in this beautiful garden.  It is only a $10 lifetime membership.  I have not yet checked out seeds as I want to continue my education on the growing process.  I will learn the seed saving portion before I take on the responsibility of borrowing/returning the seeds to the library.   Gardening is such a great hobby and skill to be learning right now, I wish I would have started years ago.


2.  Buy food from manufacturers you know does not contain GMOs.
Unfortunately there are no laws regulating the labeling of GMOs, so knowing the manufacturer of the product is helpful.  Check their website to see if they specifically use non-GMO products.  There are products that label their products, read all labels before purchasing.

3.  Demand manufacturers label their products as containing GMOs.
If you live in California, you may be approached by one of those people wanting you to sign another one of those petitions for a 2012 ballot proposition.  This campaign is called Lable GMOs: Its our right to know.  Get involved and help the campaign with your time, money or just a petition signature when they approach you at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, farmer’s markets or your local Co-Op natural health food store.

4.  Take the “Safe Seed Pledge” repeat after me:

I pledge that I do not knowingly buy, grow, share or trade
genetically engineered seeds or plants.

Please share your ideas on how you stay safe from the danger of GMOs.  Since I am such an 80’s music junky, I will leave you with an appropriately titled song by Tears For Fears, Sowing the Seeds of Love.

Lets all sow only the non-GMO seeds of love – GreenUp! Guy

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