Marinara Pasta with White Beans & Broccoli Sprouts

By Monique Escamilla:

I am constantly masterminding new ways to slip nutritional superfoods into my 2-year old’s meals. He’s a snacker / grazer by nature. A sandwich just seems to get in the way of his domination of all rocks, dirt, sand, and four-wheeled objects. Normally if it can’t fit into his snack cup or fist, he can’t be persuaded to eat it. One thing that plants his booty in front of the table is pasta.

To Kenmore or Kenless?

I just got back from my annual trip to Yellowstone with a long-time friend that has a family “cabin” on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.  It is not like we were roughing it or camping outdoors, it is actually a house with indoor plumbing, electricity, spring sourced running water that can also be heated for showers, and a Playstation 2 to enjoy a game of Katamari.  The only thing this place didn’t have was a dishwasher.

GreenUp! Cleaners Unite

Ingredients: Vinegar, baking soda, water, lemon juice, olive oil, hydrogen peroxide, liquid soapWould you like to clean your home or business with non-toxic, home-made and inexpensive cleaning solutions?  I answer yes to that question and it seems that a number of others agree.  Last night the GreenUp! Community met at Monique’s to enjoy excellent $5 organic wine and pizza (from TJs, of course).  We discussed our current cleaning products, experiences, likes, dislikes and expectations.  We then made our own non-toxic cleaning solutions and passed them out to GreenUp! Community members for a cleaning trial.