$1.99 for a loaf of organic bread

As mentioned in the previous post you can get good food for a good discount whilst shopping at Whole Foods.  I took my own advice and used the $1 off Rudi’s Organic bread at my favorite natural food store, the Co-Op in Santa Monica.  The bread was already on sale for $2.99, add in the coupon and it’s only $1.99.  Check the Rudi’s Website for coupon and where to purchase.  Anything under $2 for bread is a good deal, but for organic bread it is a great deal.

My First Tomato Plant

I think it’s great to teach the younger generation how to grow food as this skill is becoming more and more beneficial to a happy and healthy life.   I was extremely excited when I received an email from one of my mommy friends documenting her son’s first experience growing tomatoes.  I have included her photos and play-by-play of this teachable and delicious endeavor. – GreenUp! Guy