You can always take the next bus

IMG_1729I really enjoy riding the bus for no other reason than it gives me an opportunity to make some good progress on my latest read, Fresh Food From Small Spaces on my iPhone Kindle application.  I highly recommend this book for all urban gardeners.

I admit that riding the bus is not all roses and unicorns (do those two go together?).  One complaint that I have about riding the bus is not knowing when the next bus is going to arrive at the stop.  As you would suspect LA traffic affects the on-schedule record for the bus, so the posted schedules at the bus stop can be a crap shoot.  The Metro Rapid bus stop by my home has an arrival time indicator screen that usually displays a generic greeting.

There is good news for bus riding communities in specific markets across the country because NextBus has created an accurate arrival prediction system useing satellites and GPS.  For the techies here is a more technical explanation of how the prediction system works.

IMG_2892Since I have been using this service, I can pinpoint my departure and arrival times more accurately, making planning my day using the bus a bit easier.  NextBus predictor is available for select bus systems across the country, from the University of Wyoming to Oklahoma City Transit to LA Metro to name a few.  Check here to see if your bus system is tracked, it can help you streamline your travel plans using public transportation.  For comparison, the aforementioned rarely functioning bus predictor at my stop was off by 3 minutes this past weekend while NextBus was right on target.

This service is like a rainbow at the end of the annoyingly inefficient parking garage in Santa Monica that I did not have to park in because I took the bus.
Happy bus tracking – GreenUp! Guy

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