All-Natural, All-Purpose, All-the-time

Recently, Monique and I mixed up some all-natural, non-toxic cleaners and shared the recipes with all of you.  The goal is to test and compare these cleaning solutions in our daily cleaning regimen.  The All-Purpose Cleaner is simple and cheap to put together, consisting of water, baking soda and vinegar.

(1) What did you use the cleaning solution to clean?

  • Kitchen counter tops, microwave, cabinets, stove-top, bathroom counters, sink, fixtures, toilet, shower glass door,  “lazy mopping” (spray on floor and put rags under your feet and ice skate away) or add to mop water when “real mopping”.)

(2) How did you prepare the cleaning solution?

  • Mixed solution in a gallon container and poured into spray bottle.  Used an old Method Multi-surface cleaner bottle.  Also bought 99 cent spray bottles at Home Depot, Osh or other home improvement store.  If you’re recycling toxic cleaning bottles make sure to wash them thoroughly before use.

(3) How often do you clean?

  • Kitchen: every day, spot clean floors every day.
  • Bathroom: Major cleaning every other week.  Mirrors every day due to budding artist child that loves to color using  washable crayons.

(4) What products do you normally use?

  • Greenworks all-purpose cleaner:  I liked the nice smell, but felt like there was  something toxic left on my fingers, making them tingle a bit.  It worked well, but I wasn’t confident about how natural it really was.  Note this is a Clorox product.
  • Method multi-surface natural all purpose cleaner: no complaints including cost.
  • Trader Joe’s all natural cleaner: no complaints including cost.

(5) How did the home-made natural product compare to what you normally use?

  • I feel like it fulfills the same purpose, except Green Works smells better.  The first time I used the all natural product I thought the vinegar smell was too strong, but now I don’t notice it anymore.  I felt the Trader Joes product smelled better and cut grease better.  Monique’s smell-sensitive husband didn’t even notice a vinegar smell after as any vinegar smell does go away quickly.

(6) How “clean” did this part of the house feel? How does that compare to
how “clean” this part of the house feels when you use your normal cleaner?

  • It’s just as clean if not more because I don’t get that “high” that happens when I clean with harsh chemicals, especially in the bathroom. Also, psychologically, I feel everything is “cleaner”.  I don’t worry about putting food directly on a surface that I’ve cleaned with these cleaners, except the toilet.

(7) How easy or difficult was it to use the natural cleaner?

  • Easy.  The hardest part was shopping for the ingredients and materials and mixing the solutions.  But it takes 15 minutes to make the solutions and should last for 2 weeks to a month.  You can also mix in bulk, save yourself time and money.  Buy with a friend and share.

(8) Would you use the natural cleaner rather than your store-bought brand?

  • Yes, 100%. I don’t mind sacrificing a small amount of time to ensure my house looks, feels and is truly clean in every sense of the word.

(9) What would you change about the cleaning solution?

  • Adding ½ tsp. dish soap to the All-Purpose cleaner can help cut more grease and provide a natural fragrance off-setting any vinegar scent you may smell.

Stay tuned for a future post about the other cleaning solutions and natural fragrance options at affordable prices.  Please post your experience and recipes for natural and non-toxic cleaning solutions.  We are open to testing your suggestions as well.

Keep it fresh and non-toxic – Monique and GreenUp! Guy

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