GreenUp! Deal of the Week

By – Monique

deal_sticksandtwigsGelsons sent me a $10 coupon enticement to visit their store. I’ve only visited once or twice and was dismayed at the price and lack of organic selections. But $10 free is ten free dollars, so off Tater and I went to shop.

I was immediately smitten with Mary’s Gone CRACKERS Organic Sticks & Twigs. These wheat-free, gluten-free and minimally processed snacks are loaded with brown rice, Chia Seeds, whole quinioa, brown flax, amaranth, millet, and tomato paste. With only filtered water and sea salt to hold it all together, they are as close to home-made as one can get without taking a cooking class.

And the best part is Gelson’s is offering 8 oz. bags for $2.99 in 2 different flavors, Chipotle Tomato and Sea Salt. So if you have a Gelson’s in your area, head on over there! These healthy snacks are tastey! Even my 2 year old agrees! And I had to stop GreenUp! Guy from devouring the entire bag (as we waited for our meals).

– Cheers! Monique

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