The Cleaner that Breaks the Mold

Monique and I mixed up some all-natural, non-toxic cleaners and shared the recipes with all of you.  The goal is to test and compare these cleaning solutions in our cleaning regimen.  The Mold Remover is simple and cheap to put together, consisting of one part hydrogen peroxide to two parts water.  It worked quite well and did not offer any toxic fumes to get loopy from.

(1) What did you use the cleaning solution to clean?

  • Kitchen counter grout, shower door and railing, and mold on the ceiling bathroomin the bathroom. Sprayed solution or applied with a damp towel or sponge and then let the mixture sit for an hour. Then wipe clean with a clean wet towel or sponge.

(2) How did you prepare the cleaning solution?

  • It doesn’t get any easier: one part of hydrogen peroxide to two parts water.  we made batches in recycled jars.  Either pour from the jar onto a sponge or towel or spray with a spray bottle and apply to affected areas. If you’re using spray bottles from previous products remember to clean thoroughly especially if the it wasn’t all-natural and non-toxic.

(3) How often do you clean?

  • Kitchen tile grout: once every month or spot clean every other week.
  • Bathroom: every other week for maintenance in the bathroom. As needed to spot-check the mold.

(4) What products do you normally use?

  • Tilex or Scrubbing Bubbles.  Because these products so toxic, it is easy to avoid  cleaning this area.  With this new mold remover solution, there is no reason for avoidance anymore.

(5) How did the home-made natural product compare to what you normally use?

  • Kitchen grout is now 75% cleaner. In some extreme cases the solution could have used something abrasive to get rid of stains. The solution to this is to pre-treat with a baking soda / vinegar mixture. Let it set, then scrub and follow up with the Mold Solution. Bathroom use was easier than using a toxic product like Tilex because it’s quick and you wont get sick from inhaling or holding my breath, and it really works.

(6) How “clean” did this part of the house feel? How does that compare to
how “clean” this part of the house feels when you use your normal cleaner?

  • It’s just as clean if not more because I don’t get that “high” that happens when I clean with harsh chemicals, especially in the bathroom.  Also, psychologically, I feel everything is “cleaner”.  I don’t worry about putting food directly on a surface that I’ve cleaned with these cleaners. I don’t have to limit the time I spend in my bathroom before I get headaches.

(7) How easy or difficult was it to use the natural cleaner?

  • Easy.  The hardest part was waiting an hour, but, hey, there is always TV to watch.  Just kidding. Just kidding about just kidding.

(8) Would you use the natural cleaner rather than your store-bought brand?

  • Yes, 100%.

(9) What would you change about the cleaning solution?

  • Next time pre-treat with a baking soda / vinegar mixture for kitchen grout. Let it set and then scrub and follow up with the Mold Solution.

Stay tuned more posts highlighting other natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions and natural fragrance options at affordable prices.  Please post your experience and recipes for suggested natural and non-toxic cleaning solutions.  We are open to testing your suggestions as well.

Break the mold, it’s easy! – Monique and GreenUp! Guy

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