My First Tomato Plant

1sttom_showI think it’s great to teach the younger generation how to grow food as this skill is becoming more and more beneficial to a happy and healthy life.   I was extremely excited when I received an email from one of my mommy friends documenting her son’s first experience growing tomatoes.  I have included her photos and play-by-play of this teachable and delicious endeavor. – GreenUp! Guy

From a mommy friend:

I have been meaning to send these pictures for a while!  The Easter Bunny gave our son some tomato seeds in his basket this year (courtesy of Crayola – who knew they had gardening kits).  And in April we planted them and Steph loved them and watered them while we were gone this summer and we kept it up when we got home.  And eventually we had a beautiful crop of tomatoes growing on our back deck that we’ve been putting in our salads!  The boys loved it.  (By “it” I mean the excitement of these red things growing and picking them off the vines, but not actually eating them!)  Wonder what we should grow next!  Here are pictures of the tomatoes through the different stages:

It all started with The Easter basket.  .  .


He put the seeds in the pods of dirt and watered them.  .  .


They puffed up and were ready for some food.  .  .

So they sat on our window sill for about two weeks and started to grow.  .  .
Moved them to bigger pots and they grew and grew.  .  .
and grew.  .  .
So moved them to even bigger pots and soon we had a tomato trees!
That had these beautiful tomatoes growing on them!
Yum!  And you could wander out on the back deck on a Sunday morning in your PJ’s and pick your tomatoes, beautiful!

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