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whole_365Some people call Whole Foods Market “Whole Paycheck” because it has a reputation for being more expensive than other stores like Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s/Von’s/Albertsons, even higher than my local Co-op on some items.  In the past, I would frequent Whole Foods for the infamous and now absent Salt-Crusted Turkey sandwiches from the deli counter.  I now shop at Whole Foods only for a spectacular sale, like one I was tipped off by the Organic Deals website that organic free-range whole chickens at $1.99/lb on a Friday while supplies last.   When I got the Living Social deal of $20 for $10 at Whole Foods, I decided to look around to find deals and see if a budget-minded consumers can shop here.

organic_dealsCoupons!  Note that manufacturer coupons are accepted at Whole Foods.  If you like a specific brand, check their official website for offers like $1 off on Rudi’s Organic Bakery for your bread needs.  I see this coupon on Rudi’s website almost all of the time.
More Coupons! Whole Foods has their own coupons listed on their website.  Tip, many Whole Foods will accept both manufacturer and these in-store coupons on the same purchase.  Try and double up to save even more.

365 Brands Whole Foods has their own generic brand called 365 Brands and it is lower .  This is their generic brand of about everything with various organic offerings.  There are usually sales on these items and combine with coupons you can be saving big time.

Check out the Whole Deal which is a great resource page and newsletter highlighting the latest products on sale.  Try to find these deals and couple that with the coupons available.

I ended up getting a multi-pack of free-range and organic chicken breasts, great quality and taste.  Please share the ways that you save at your favorite grocery store.

Happy saving – GreenUp! Guy

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