Bananas For Yonanas!

yoyanasMy kid just turned two years old and it’s becoming more of a challenge to encourage healthful eating in the face of all the treats and fast food that abound. We’re spending more and more time in parks, malls, museums and beaches and less time at home where I can fully control what goes into his mouth. His latest obsession is frozen yogurt, which he had for the first time with grandma at Soup Plantation. Forget the fact that it wasn’t organic, many frozen yogurts seem to be as natural as the tooth paste I just quit using. Aside from that, trips to Pinkberry and Yogurtland can truly add up in both price and calories. So I definitely needed to “greenup” this frozen yogurt situation. I wanted a treat for my family that was organic, healthy and economical.

When I stumbled upon the Yonanas Ice Cream Treat Maker at Bed Bath & Beyond I was intrigued. Skeptical and intrigued. But after talking to a couple of people who worked there and raved about the fun and tastiness of this all-fruit, yogurt-esque dessert, I figured it was worth a shot. Considering that my husband and I easily spend $8 or more every time we get frozen yogurt, the $50 price tag didn’t seem that expensive. Plus, I used a 20% BB&B coupon, reducing the price even further.

The product was easy to assemble, easy to use, and easy to clean. It’s loud, but it doesn’t take that long to make the yogurt-like dessert. It comes with a recipe book that offers tasty treat ideas while introducing the fruits that work best. Work with bananas that are brown-spotted to get the sweetest taste. You really do have to like bananas to enjoy this product, because no matter what you add, you’ll still have the slight taste of bananas, and the consistency is somewhere between frozen yogurt and custard which is kind of fun. The final verdict: My son LOVES his yonanas dessert. I tell him it’s ice cream, and I put his-all fruit concoction in a cone and he doesn’t even know the difference. My favorite treat: bananas with blue berries and peanut butter mixed in. The way I do this: put frozen bananas through the machine. Mix in organic, no-sugar peanut butter after the bananas are yogurt-like. Then take Trader Joe’s frozen, organic wild blueberries (wild are smaller, so they¬† mix nicely) and combine. Then spoon mixture into a small cone. Voila! Your child has a protein, potassium and antioxidant-rich treat.

– Monique

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