Shop! in the Name of Love

I am so sick and tired of hearing about “Black Monday” and “Cyber Friday” oh, did I get my scheduling wrong?  I showed them, I did my shopping on “Small Business Saturday.” This shopping event was organized by the not-so-small business American Express.  Basically, you had to sign up for the privilege of using their credit card at a participating small business and you get a refund of $25.
I found that my favorite Italian restaurant in LA was on the list so I walked on over clutching my American Express Cards in my hand (yes, I have more than one, but trying to consolidate, one is for CostCo) and bought gift certificates for a later dining experience.  Pretty simple, I have just spent $50 of American Express’ money at Vincenti Ristorante, a local business that uses local and organic ingredients, so they spend their money locally as well.  USA! USA! USA!

Now that I have spent as much of American Express’ money that I could, I decided to start spending my own fiat dollars.  I made my way over to the Co-Opportunity to acquire some much needed food and other necessities.  The Co-Op sells local, organic, natural foods and health and living products.  It is a little more expensive than normal grocery stores but they have discount days and offer items on special like normal grocery stores and take manufacturer coupons like normal grocery stores.  Plus if you are a member, you receive a small portion of the profits, it is a co-op afterall.  I can’t say enough good things about this place and will just have to write a blog about it so I can go on and on and on like I usually do, so look forward to that.

My Small Business Saturday takes me next to Armstrong Garden Center to pick up ceramic pots to transplant some new indoor plants.  Did you know that Armstrong is also a co-op where the business is a 100% employee owned?  So by supporting this business you are supporting the local employees directly.

I ended my shopping spree by acquiring some much needed clothes online.  Ever since I attended last year’s Green Festival LA, I got hooked on Bgreen Apparel, a local business that sells organic cotton clothing all made in the USA on the interwebs.  The quality, look and feel of the clothing is top notch.  It is good value and an even better deal right now since it is on sale.  Today is the last day to get an extra 10% off when you enter the code at checkout: VIPTG2011

Holiday tip: keep limber and fit during the eating season, do all of your shopping locally by walking to the small businesses in your neighborhood.  Who wants to deal with the crowds and the parking and the crowds and the lines and did I mention the crowds?

Spending your money in your local area keeps more tax revenue in your community.  That is what I call making your money work a little bit harder.  Happy shopping and keep it local.



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