2012 the Year of the Worm


IMG_2785Since the new year is well underway I wanted to get a move on with my resolution to encourage others to compost.  My first composting experience has been extremely positive using the Worm Factory 360 with a 1/2 pound of red wigglers.  These worms were locally farmed and generously donated by a GreenUp! community member.  The worms have done a great job of eating, multiplying, going number 1 and 2, if you know what I mean.  Taking care of these worms is relatively low maintenance and requires very little space.  You can even leave them for weeks at a time if prepped correctly.


Another of my resolutions is to compost more of my kitchen scraps.  Experts suggest starting out with at least 1 lb of worms, so I ordered worms online from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm based on multiple recommendations.  The worms shipped quickly and arrived alive in compostable packaging.  Since the new worms have moved in, I can compost more kitchen scraps and the breaking down process is speeding up.  It is almost time to add another level to the factory.



Now that I have a surplus of worm castings, I must share my “black gold.” Black gold for Monique and Matteo’s newly seeded and planted garden of lettuces, herbs, cauliflower carrots and strawberries, it is a great learning experience for all ages.


Black gold for the planters around my apartment building through a covert guerrilla gardening operation:


Amazon is one-stop shopping to purchase your bin and worms (from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm).  This is a great video explaining how to use the Worm Factory 360.

Happy 2012 – GreenUp! Guy


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  1. We finally started our worm bin in December! Totally easy so far other than a handful of wierd little flies (not fruit flies). I’m so glad we started doing it. 🙂

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