They Farm-it, you Bus-it! 720 edition

Gas prices started 2012 at an all-time nationwide record high and they are still on the rise.  As of January 1st, 2012, $3.66 would buy you a gallon of 87 octane unleaded in California. Coupled with horrible traffic, traffic lights and traffic patterns in the City of Los Angeles, driving almost anywhere at anytime is like flushing fuel and dollars down the toilet.

Since I have been trying to use as little premium unleaded as possible, I walk, ride my bike and take the bus.  Taking the bus allows you to get places quicker than walking and biking in most situations, except in extreme grid-lock traffic.  Riding the bus is another way to experience new farmers markets.  Metro Rapid 720 starts in Santa Monica and travels down Wilshire Blvd through West LA, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Mid LA, Downtown, East LA to Commerce.  Lets see how many Farmers Markets one can visit throughout the week with a maximum walk of .6 miles from the bus stop.  Also note that if you live near a Metro 20 bus stop, the following applies as well.

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Check out some new farmers market without the getting in your car, sitting in traffic and contributing to the congested streets of LA.  If you don’t live walking distance to the bus stop, think about riding your bike to the bus stop.  Look for follow-up farmers market schedules for the Metro Rapid 704 and Metro Rapid 733, two other bus lines connecting the Westside to Downtown LA.  I know this does not really help those of you outside of LA, but go ahead and research your own municipal bus system, you may be surprised at where it will take you.

– GreenUp! Guy

PS – Use NextBUS to track arrival and location of the nearest bus.

Metro Rapid 720 bus route:



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