Why You Should Give-a-Shuck About GMO Corn

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO): organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.

The more about I learn about GMOs, the more I seek out foods not containing GMOs.  Here are a few reasons you should be concerned about GMOs.  According to the USDA, as of 2011 94% of soy bean and 72% of corn production in the US is GMO.  Read the ingredients on the packaging of the foods you eat, do you see any soy or corn listed?  Most likely, you do.  Studies show that GMOs are linked to organ failure.  As always, just follow the money, Monsanto is the leader in evolution and implementation of GMO.  Looping back to 2009, President Obama appointed a former Monsanto Vice President as a senior adviser to the FDA.  If you are concerned yet, lets explore what can we do to make a difference?

The government of Hungary has destroyed the GMO corn crops to protect their citizens.  I am very proud to say this is my mother’s motherland, would that be also known as grandmother land?  That’s not important right now, what is important is what can we do here in the US of A?  The tide should be on our side as President Obama made a campaign promise to label GMOs back in 2007 and we need to make sure that he delivers.

The best news is that you can make a difference every day by voting with your wallet when buying your food.  Yes, this food is typically more expensive than its GMO counterparts, so look for the deals.  Organic deals and coupons is a good place to find savings on organic and non-GMO products. Sign some petitions and get involved. On a national level, you can tell the FDA to”Just Lable It.”  In California, there is a ballot proposition, Label GMOs, its our right to know.  The Organic Consumer Association has a campaign called “Millions Against Monsanto” and you can find a myriad of actions there.

I leave you with this kid’s take on GMOs.  We can really learn a lot from the children.

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