Getting Started As A Moderate Couponer

IMG_4583I can tell by looking at my homemade Excel spreadsheet budget each month that my grocery bill is not going down anytime soon.  I realize that eating organic will not lower my grocery bill, but I feel the benefits outweigh the cost.  The solution has been in front of me for years growing up in a couponing household.  While I wouldn’t call my mom an “Extreme Couponer” by TLC standards, she always had a stack of coupons at the checkout, making the cash register ring while the grand total decended.  And don’t even get me started on when she obtained free items, combining coupons with sales. Good work mom, I am learning from your ways.

I have been dabling in couponing, just yesterday I used manufacturer coupons and Whole Foods coupons at the same time.  Here are some old and new couponing tips to help you find coupons that pertain to your desired shopping list.  So where can I find my coupons?

  • The Sunday Paper is the age old way to find a myriad of coupons
  • Check the Manufacturer Website for coupons on their site.  There are mailing lists you can join (if you are into that kind of thing) to have deals sent directly to your inbox.
  • Coupon Websites such as provide pages upon pages of coupons, many of which will probably not interest you, but know that there are coupons for organic products just be on the lookout for them.
  • Grocery Store Websites may have in-store coupons.  As mentioned Whole Foods has their own coupons.  Ralphs (aka Kroger) has a system where you can load coupons to your discount card so you do not need to present an actual coupon.
  • All Facebook users should start “like”-ing your favorite organic food and product pages to be informed of coupons and sales.  I like Rudis Organic Bakery and Organic Valley to name a few.  Also, look for couponing pages to “like” such as Organic Deals & Coupons, which does the work for you and informs of the deals pertaining to organic products.
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond $5 off of $15 coupon is my favorite because you can combine the right priced items to equal $15, you are getting a 33.33% discount.  I buy Burts Bees lip balm, Dr Bronners soap and my Arm and Hammer natural deoderant, all for that 33.33% discount.  Please note that you can use expired coupons.
  • Shop on discount days.  Today is the monthly 10% discount day at my local Co-Op.  I took advantage and stocked up on bulk items and other daily necessities.  My best deal was an item on sale, plus a manufacturer coupon, plus 10% off the total bill.
  • Look for special deals on your Credit CardAmerican Express has deals ongoing.  One deal that caught my eye is spending $50 at Whole Foods at one time, you get $10 statement credit, which is a 20% discount.  You must “sync” your card to activate the deal since it is good until 3/15, tomorrow.

Next, we will focus on using your coupons.  This is just the tip of the iceberg on couponing, until then I leave you with tips for new couponers I am finding helpful.

– Happy Couponing – GreenUp! Guy



2 thoughts on “Getting Started As A Moderate Couponer

  1. I'll bet your Mom is proud!

    Mambo Sprouts is another great source for organic and natural product coupons. They reset monthly. And All You magazine is full of coupons, including many I don't use, but always enough that I do use to equal more than my cost for the magazine. (This month includes $2/2 Seeds of Change seeds and the Traditional Medicinals Tea coupon that's become pretty regular there.) You can get it for $1/ month by subscription right now. Other, more relative, magazines like Vegetarian Times & Organic Gardening will have some from time to time, too.

    Glad to connect with you!

  2. @Cyndi – Thanks for the recommendation of Mambo Sprouts, I will look into that and your other suggestions. I appreciate you sharing your tips for finding the money savings.

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