Eating Rainbow

This past weekend I attended a spectacular cooking class centered around nutrition.  I know what you are saying, “healthy food CANNOT be tasty food” but I am here to tell you, “healthy food CAN BE tasty food.”  The fair was fantastic, including but not limited to, turkey meatballs, gluten free macaroni and cheese, chocolate brownie balls and much more.  An overarching theme of the class is to eat with balanced nutrition and your health in mind.  The Nutrition Rainbow below demonstrates how the color of food is linked to specific health benefits.

NutritionRainbowHere is what some of the food looked like, quiche to the left and mac & cheese to the right.  I will provide recipes once I take a stab at these in my own kitchen.


Jennifer Cheng, a wellness Consultant and fitness Instructor of Embody Health, taught this great cooking class.  Check out her blog for great health and nutritional insight.

I will leave you with a nutritional tip: Cinnamon can reduce blood sugar.

– GreenUp! Guy

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