Plastic Use Gets Fishy

While enjoying my daily Fresh Air fix I learned yet another reason to reduce our waste: so much of the plastic we consume is not recycled. Instead, it ends up in the oceans as a mulched down substance that resembles plankton to hungry fish. Here’s a disturbing excerpt from Terry Gross’ interview with Edward Humes, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash.

 “We are eating the fish that are eating the plastic, but the scarier part is that these little bits of plastic become sponges for some potentially dangerous chemicals that are released into the marine environment, and we may be ingesting that, too,” he says. “Nobody knows for sure yet. We know that the plastic does attract these chemicals and that fish are eating it. How much it actually works its way into the food chain is still unknown but being researched now.”

5 Tips On Worm Composting From A Newbie

This is my second garden ever and I learned a lot from last year’s crop.  I believe that my worm castings as compost is a big part of why my plants are growing so vibrantly this year.  I would like to take this time to thank the worms living in my Worm Factory 360 for over a year now.  Now it is high time I give you more tips to keep your worms happily producing the “black gold” your plants crave.

DIY Earth Day

It is Wednesday and you know what that means, “hump day” great job, you’ve made it more than halfway through the week.  As stated in my Pre-Earth Day post, let’s celebrate the Earth everyday we can.  It should be as simple as picking up some trash and placing in a rubbish or recycling receptacle or as fullfilling as sprouting some of your own organic food.  Monique, Tater and I decided to make our own post Earth Day event and it went a little like this.

Soup-er Veggie Recipes

Now that my son has passed the two and a half year mark, he has become confidently assertive about his dislikes. The kid that used to eat every vegetable in sight now has decided certain greens are “yucky”. My infamous broccoli trick: “Let’s be dinosaurs and eat our trees” as I crunch down on a steamed brocolli head doesn’t entice him to copy me as it used to. Not even with my awesome dino sound effects. 

 So what’s a foody mom to do? Resort to new tricks. Here’s my latest.

Like all of us, I multi-task. So while I’m doing anything else near the kitchen I steam a collander-full of veggies that I can easily blend into a savory soup in my handy-dandy VitaMix.  Here’s my current favorite:

Attention Defecit Grocery Shopping Disorder

One benefit to living in a high-traffic/denser urban area is the variety of businesses to choose from.  I am able to walk to many grocery stores including Ralphs (aka Kroger), Pavillions/Vons (aka Safeway), Alberstons, Whole Foods and my favorite the Co-Opportunity.  This gives me an opportunity to seek out the best organic deals around share tips from my various random grocery store visits.

I Know What I Did Wrong In Last Summer’s Garden

I really want to get you people to grow your own food.  I am a bit pushy, but it is a bit selfish because I want others to help me with my gardening questions.  The great thing about the “internets” is that we can search for anything and probably find it a “how-to” video or article with step-by-step directions.  I should have used that more often in my garden last summer.  I have made many gardening mistakes, though I like to refer to them as teachable moments.  I learn from each of these mistakes and want to help you not make them as well.