Make Earth Day Almost Everyday

As you must know Earth Day is officially this Sunday, April 22nd.  Find Earth Day activities and events in your area.  Better yet, make-your-own event as close to home as possible.  Invite your friends, family and neighbors and show your neighborhood pride.

photo-2I am adopting the alley behind the church around the corner.  People leave their unwanted “stuff” there.  Well, I am going to take charge and clean up the weeds and have the City of Los Angeles pick up the bulky items by calling 311, the city services hotline.  Check your city to see if they have a similar free service.

Even better than that, make everyday Earth Day by purchasing organic products as much as possible.  Supporting businesses that provide non-GMO and organic products helps the Earth because growing organic benefits the Earth’s through soil and water resources.  I recognize that real food and day-to-day products cost more and that’s what I am here for.

Take advantage of these organic deals on your next shopping trip:

Check out Mambo Sprouts, a great free resource for organic coupons and savings.

Happy Upcoming Earth Day 2012 – GreenUp! Guy

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