DIY Earth Day

IMG_4858It is Wednesday and you know what that means, “hump day” so great job, you’ve made it more than halfway through the week.  As stated in my Pre-Earth Day post, let’s celebrate the Earth everyday we can.  It should be as simple as picking up some trash and placing in a rubbish or recycling receptacle or as fullfilling as sprouting some of your own organic food.  Monique, Tater and I decided to make our own post Earth Day event and it went a little like this.

We started at the Santa Monica Farmers Market on Arizona and 2nd Street.  We had some morning strawberries and an apple to fuel our day.


We then walked along Palisades Park picking up papers and other trash items as we headed for the Metro Rapid 720 bus stop to our next destination.

We headed a few miles away from the Pacific at the Veterans Affairs grounds in West Los Angeles.  It is a beautiful park setting where Vetrans can obtain health care and other services.  It seems like a great place to relax.  We decided to enjoy the park as we cleaned the area.  There was not a great deal of trash here, they keep their grounds in tip-top condition.  The deep cleaning was needed on the side walks along Wilshire Blvd adjacent to the VA grounds on both sides.


Next stop on the Metro Rapid 720 is MacArthur Park, there was even a song written about it.  Well the song didn’t metion that it needed a deep clean, because it needed it.  It was a fun time spent cleaning for the myriad of ducks, geese and patrons of the park. Overall a great experience that I hope to make a daily thing.  Maybe not on this scale, but I will do what I can to honor the Earth.


Happy Every Day is Earth Day – GreenUp! Guy

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  1. Not only did we clean up, I really enjoyed meeting and talking to some nice people on the bus route and at the VA. Oh, yeah, there were a couple of haters along the way, but the nice & interesting people really outweighed the meanies. Plus, Matteo and I got to stop at the Paige Museum along the way 😉

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