Chickens and Compost and Mothers Oh My!

photo-9It is never too early for a Mom to teach their child about compostingHAPPY ALMOST MOTHER’S DAY!  Composting Chick here, and I want to send a shout out to all of the wonderful mothers out there.  You know who you are.  Mother’s Day may not seem green, but it is a worldwide celebration of all things Mom, just keep reading you are sure to find lots of green elements.

My very own Mother has surprised me in how much she loves me.  She has a love for her sons and daughters that is unbelievable and I’m so fortunate to be a part of it.  Here is an email from her when I told her I was starting my own blog about composting (she loves her capital letters, by the way. haha!):

EMAIL SUBJECT:  Re: Composting Chick just Blogged!! Check it out!-MOM LOVES YOUR WEBSITE!!

Hi Composting Chick:  What a great idea & website!!  You will be proud of your Mom—I have been taking our newspapers to the schools in Ohio & the schools in Hilton Head, SC for years.  We also recycle our bottles, cans & plastics every week too!!! Yea for Mom!!

I also buy, as you know, thrift store furniture, toys, & baby strollers, bikes, etc. for our 10 Grandkids.  I promise I will try to do some composting of coffee grounds, veg. peels, etc.  Thanks for the blogs!!  HAPPY EASTER TO YOU!

Luv, Mom

photo-10One of my own sister has been composting in her back yard for about 2 years now, thanks to encouragement from her loving husband.  A little secrect first, she’s on my short list to help re-vamp her composting methods.  She doesn’t know it yet, well, until she reads this, hey there sistah!  This past Thanksgiving, every one of the dishes we made at her house contained at least 1 ingredient from her backyard and it was soooo delicious!  My other sister, who has about 10 things in her fridge (doesn’t cook often but when she cooks, it’s good!), is now inquiring about how to compost, especially after reading the article on “Slashing the trash” I posted on my blog.  Thanks sisters!

Another special mom is a close friend who recently moved into a home with an amazing yard for gardening, composting and raising chickens.  It is basically a small farm.  Both mommy and daddy are teaching the little ones the importance of growing and eating clean food, then returning it to the Earth from wence it came through compositing.

photo-11Like a kid in a chicken coop, that is not a saying, but my guess is that he is quite entertained.If you have never sat down to think about being green and your Grandmother in the same thought, I ask you to do it now.  You probably never realized how green your grandmothers were during their lifetime; she probably composted to some degree, most definitely reused items in the house (hand-me-down clothes, bottles, glass jars, turned old shirts into rags, etc.), and probably recycled too (because you could get cash back at the grocery stores!).  Thanks for taking the time to think about it and I hope you can see how easy it is to start being more green.

Now go forth and tell all of the Moms in your lives how great they are and how much you appreciate them! Thanks for reading Mom, I love you!

~ Composting Chick

2 thoughts on “Chickens and Compost and Mothers Oh My!

  1. Ok, Composting Chick, you convinced me. I've been putting this off for too long. I'm going to purchase my Earth Machine Composter from the City of LA Bureau of Sanitation tomorrow. They'll sell it to me for $20 instead of $80. It'll probably only take $15 in gas to get to Griffith Park, so it's still a savings! Happy Mother's Day to all & here's the link to any other LA residents:

    LA City Composting Bin Sales Events

  2. Hi Monique! I'm very happy to hear that you will start composting!! And while the LA City Composting Bin Sales Events are great, please also know that you can just buy a Medium size Plastic Bin at any hardware or other store and poke a bunch of holes into the lid. Just add dried leaves, grass clippings, and wet shredded paper, and then Just Add some Worms! This is the best and cheapest composter.

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