Save Water, Plant A Garden

IMG_4900A good friend served in the Peace Corps stationed in Ghana and brought home stories of how little water was available to the village and the time and effort to get one bucket of water.  This was a real eye opener for me and made me more aware of how much water I have been wasting.  Having a garden, I wanted to find ways to use water I may otherwise be wasting.  Here are some tips that I have picked up along the way.

Collect Water From Bath/Shower while it heats up.  Put a bucket under the shower head to catch water flow and then transport this to your garden.  You can either fill up your watering cans or directly water the plants.  Don’t water plants just to use the water, over-watering is worse than under-watering.  Bonus, I use a filter on my shower head to remove unwanted materials found in “LA’s best” water, which will benefit the garden.

Collect Water From Kitchen When cleaning veggies, collect the water or using a salad spinner to clean your lettuce save the water at the bottom of the bowl.  When sprouting collect the rinsing water for your garden.  Bonus, this water will be even more nutritious for your plants because it has organic matter in it.

DSC_0042Plant Native Since I live in Southern California and it is a desert, there is little water available from the start.  Planting native plants, succulents for me, will already be in tune with the general weather patterns which will require less watering.  Find out what will grow best in your local climate.

Is this the “hypermiling” of water conservation?  How do you save water in your home and at work?

– GreenUp! Guy

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  1. Thanks Green up! guy – yes it was a huge shock to come back and see the amount of clean, clear water we use. I guess I had forgotten,or just not realized how much we use. Water that we don't have to fetch in buckets and boil and filter and heat. After almost 10 years, It's still very hard for me to flush the toilet when I've only peed once and I'm still overjoyed at the luxury of a hot shower.

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