Old Is New Again, Teaching The Fine Art Of Cooking

I have been hearing the term “old is new again” quite a lot lately.  People talk about how we should live like our grandparents.  While I agree, it is a bit more challenging to live like our grandparents when real, organic, non-GMO food prices are so high. Today double and single incomes alike need to find ways to save money and time by taking more of a DIY approach to food.

The most effective way to save money when eating clean, non-GMO and organic food, or as your grandparents called it, “Food” is to cook at home with ingredients you have selected.  Bonus for those people that live in States where groceries, or uncooked food is not subject to sales tax.  You never have to worry about leaving a tip either.

So you don’t have time to cook at home? Try some of these no cook recipes.  When seeking out recipes on the world wide web, always include “easy” as one of your search terms.  Make meals ahead of time that can be frozen and served throughout the week or even longer.  Be your own sous-chef and do as much prep as you can the night before.

Think organic food is just too expensive?  Use Coupons, from both the manufacturer and store.  Look for the deals, like these at my local Co-Op.  Sign-up for Mambo Sprouts and Organic Deals and Coupons to get organic coupons in your inbox.  Buy in-bulk when possible and share the cost with a friend if the amount is too much to use.  Buy store brand organic products as they are usually cheaper.  Grocery store chains, such as Ralph’s are now offering a system that loads coupons to your club card and the discount will be taken at the register.

I can’t cook, the only thing that I can make are reservations.  Taking a good cooking class will get you jazzed up to put your skills to work in your own kitchen.  Look for reviews of cooking classes on Yelp.  While classes can be pricey, essential cooking skills will save you money in the longer term by cooking at home.  I launched my home cooking career a few years ago after taking a superb series of beginner courses at the New School of Cooking in the Culver City.  Take a look at the Greens and Grains course taught by Jess Hilton, a local personal chef and holistic health coach who reminds us to eat green vegetables everyday.  That sounds good to me.  Do a search for cooking classes in your area, you will be happy that you did.

Let’s get cooking! – GreenUp! Guy


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