Epsom, The Salt Of The Earth

Epsom salt is not actually a salt, but a mineral named for a spring at Epsom in Surrey, England.  Last time I used epsom salt was to soak my foot with the goal of reducing inflammation.  I believe this method works due to it being so absorbent into the body.  There are a myriad of health benefits such as eases stress and relaxes the body, relieves pain and muscle cramping, detoxify the body, helps with constipation, ok you get it. 

Over-Waterer’s Anonymous

My name is GreenUp! Guy and I am an over-waterer.  This is my Achilles’ Heal of gardening.  I should have seen the signs of this problem.  At a previous office we had a service that took care of all of the indoor plants.  The “plant guy” as we called him was extremely nice, but continually reminded me not to water the plants.  Well this stops today.  I am on a one-step program to sane and utilitarian watering of my plants.  I hope that I can help you too with some resources on watering properly.

Confessions Of Yoga Newbie

I just finished the third yoga class of my life and have the urge to shout atop a skyscraper how much I love yoga.  For years friends and family have been encouraging me to hop on the yoga bandwagon, I finally got around to it.  Knowing what I know today, my body and mind could have benefited greatly from it years ago.  I wanted to dispel some of my own pre-conceived notions about yoga prior to my first yoga class.

Reduce Before You Reuse


Summer is a very special season when families take long vacations together to their favorite places, when families take time to play more (even adults!), and when parents teach their kids all the benefits of eating in the season and maybe even do a bit of gardening together.  I feel like summer is a worldwide celebration of all things green, after all the snow has melted in the mountains, and the rivers are high and some of those May flowers are now producing fruit.  I hope you all will visit your local farmers markets with your children, like I plan to do with my nephews and niece this summer.

Seed Sharing, Sow With Someone Else

Since my introduction to seed saving last weekend, I have realized how important it is to grow with only organic and non-GMO seeds.  In addition, the seeds should be grown season after season to keep them vibrant and resilient.  Seed packets usually come with more seeds than you have space in your garden for one season.  Packets also have a sell by date so there is a dead line to get them into soil. 

Solution: Share your extra seeds and sow with friends, family and neighbors.

Save A Seed Or Pay A Buck

Off-the-plant demo on how to self-pollinate and save seed from a squash/cucumberGenetically Modified foods and seeds have been banned, labeled and restricted from being importing in many countries, India being the latest addition.  While the US of A is not on that distinguished list, I am hoping that my State of California will pass GMO labeling in 2012.  The labeling aspect is just a small portion of the issue as the seeds like to intermingle with one an other.   This is why it is imperative to only buy seeds verified to be GMO-free and organic.  A fantastic new/old trend is becoming a member of a seed library. 

The Emperor Probably Isn’t Wearing Any Organic Clothes

I used to strictly shop at Banana Republic, where I would get the same shirt, just a slightly different shade of blue and the pocket would be in a different spot.  Now that I am greening up, shopping locally and supporting small business, I needed to find a new supplier for my clothing needs.   At the 2011 Green Expo in Los Angeles I stumbled upon an organic, Made In The US of A clothing company called Bgreen Apparel.  I have been wearing Bgreen organic clothing for over a year now and I love it so much that I’m expanding my organic wardrobe as needed.

Why consider organic cotton clothing over less expensive conventional cotton clothing?

Sea Sponges Help Soak Up The Savings

It has been over a year and a half since I purchased my sea sponge for the kitchen from Saint John’s Sponges at the Farmers Market.  After 6 months of use, I had to broadcast to the world wide web about the joys of using a sea sponge.  I initially thought that $8 was expensive for a sponge so I decided to cut it in half, thinking I would get two full life cycles.  Even after 18+ months my half-sponge is going strong.  So strong, I decided to give the other half to my parents and was surprised to learn that my dad enjoys using it.

Assembling Super Salads

Eating raw is growing in popularity and I see how raw food really does a body good from digestion to providing energy to maintaining a healthy weight.  It is recommended that you eat raw food to start off your meal to aid in digestion and absorption of vitamins, minerals and other good stuff.  While it takes a great deal of effort and dedication to prepare and stick to a full raw diet, you can start enjoying portions of most meals with a lot less time investmentThis is where salad comes in.  Here are some tips and tricks to make your salad tasty, easy and sometimes fun to make.