Sea Sponges Help Soak Up The Savings

It has been over a year and a half since I purchased my sea sponge for the kitchen from Saint John’s Sponges at the Farmers Market.  After 6 months of use, I had to broadcast to the world wide web about the joys of using a sea sponge.  I initially thought that $8 was expensive for a sponge so I decided to cut it in half, thinking I would get two full life cycles.  Even after 18+ months my half-sponge is going strong.  So strong, I decided to give the other half to my parents and was surprised to learn that my dad enjoys using it.

My family of sea sponges (from left to right)spongeseawoolfamily

  • Bathing sponge, a little bit of soap goes a long way
  • Kitchen 1/2-sponge, 18 months and still going strong
  • Kitchen sponge backup, may never use it at this rate
  • Car wash sponge, durable, holds loads of soapy water

Sea sponge uses are endless.  From cleaning your baby to your face to your car to your horse to your dishes to adorning the fish in your aquarium, this is truly a jack of all trades tool to have in your home.

So many benefits to using a sea sponge.  These sponges exfoliate gently, rinse clean, leave no dirt inside, naturally inhibit bacterial growth, won’t harbor residue or odor, they hold loads of water, won’t drip of release moisture until pressure is applied, will not stain and uses 1/4 the liquid soap of a normal sponge to name just a few.  Oh, I almost forgot the most important benefit of using sea sponges, it will make you happy.

Sea sponges are ethically and sustainably harvested.  100% natural and biodegradable, sea sponges have been growing and re-growing for over a million years and has been harvested for the past few centuries.  When harvesting sponges at 40 feet deep, a portion is left behind to promote growth.  Sponges continue to grow at a rate of 1/2″ in diameter per month.

Sea sponges WILL save you money.   I can attest to the savings calculated in saved soap.  Natural dish soap is not cheap so this sponge is a big help.  You may never have to buy another sponge again.  I was buying synthetic sponges more often than I would like because they would get dirty and tear.  Sure, synthetic sponges are much cheaper than the ones from the sea, but in the long run you will spend more money due to their short lifespan.

You can find this money saving product at The Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles or online at Saint John’s Sponge Company.

TIP: Don’t cut your sea sponge in half, it will last even longer.

– GreenUp! Guy


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