Seed Sharing, Sow With Someone Else

IMG_5433Since my introduction to seed saving last weekend, I have realized how important it is to grow with only organic and non-GMO seeds.  In addition, the seeds should be grown season after season to keep them vibrant and resilient.  Seed packets usually come with more seeds than you have space in your garden for one season.  Packets also have a sell by date so there is a dead line to get them into soil.

Solution: Share your extra seeds and sow with friends, family and neighbors.

Benefits of seed sharing:

  • No seed left behind
  • Have a grow buddy that you can share and learn from
  • With enough yield (pool if you need to) you can participate in a produce exchange
  • Encourage others to grow their own food
  • Build community and awareness of a grow-your-own movement

IMG_5436If your grow buddy would rather start from a transplanted seedling you could do the seed starting and distribute overflow seedlings.  Check the seed packets as some do not like to be transplanted. How else can we expand the grow-your-own movement?

– GreenUp! GuyIMG_5330

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