Confessions Of Yoga Newbie

IMG_5509I just finished the third yoga class of my life and have the urge to shout atop a skyscraper how much I love yoga.  For years friends and family have been encouraging me to hop on the yoga bandwagon, I finally got around to it.  Knowing what I know today, my body and mind could have benefited greatly from it years ago.  I wanted to dispel some of my own pre-conceived notions about yoga prior to my first yoga class.

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means to unite or to join.  Yoga is union of mind and body, a spiritual science of self realization.  Pre-yoga GreenUp! Guy would have thought that was a bit  dramatic.  I must admit after experiencing yoga, I can say while still dramatic, it is true.

One can feel asleep while awake.  I was amazed by how relaxed I felt while actually exercising.  Anyone else experience this phenomena?

Don’t be shy about your ailments.  When my instructor asked, “Is there anything that I should know?” I was the first to speak up, “I have joint pain!”  It is important for the instructor to know how they can help you to maintain and improve upon your physical capabilities.

I use the learnings from yoga class in my daily life.  Yoga teaches how to breath properly to get the most out of our oxygen and how to carry yourself physically, reducing strain and stress on your body.

Yoga classes do not have to be expensive.  Check out sites such as Groupon, Living Social and Google Offers to get a discount on yoga classes.  Check with yoga studios for trials, like YogaWorks.  You may already be paying for yoga classes.  I discovered that my gym includes yoga classes with the monthly membership fees.  Inquire with your gym about class availability.

Now I hope to convince others to try it out as well, you won’t be sorry.  Lastly, my body and mind wanted to thank Composting Chick for the heavy encouragement to hop on the yoga-train. – GreenUp! Guy

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