Buy Greens, Yellows, And Purples From Farmers Market, Keep Your Budget In The Black

For the benefit of our health and wellness we should all be eating the various colors of the rainbow through our vegetables and fruits.  A great place to acquire your local rainbow is at your farmers market.   Many believe that shopping at farmers markets is always more expensive than at stores with four full permanent walls.  While generally true there are ways to reduce your costs.  Here are some tips to keep your costs down while shopping locally and supporting the smaller farmers.

Keep Your Worms Cool And Their Food Cooler

Temperature is one of the most important aspects of composting with worms.  Worms like a comfortable temperature between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  A GreenUp! community member tipped me off about freezing your worm’s food before feeding it to them.  Red wiggler composting worms refuse to eat the fresh food in their bin until it develops bacteria and fungi that breaks down the food.  Freezing your worm’s food will speed up this breaking down process, while controlling fruit flies, other insects and killing off their eggs.  Freezing also allows you to save your food scraps for longer before they go sour and smell up the kitchen.  Here are some tips for freezing up an enticing meal for your worms:

How To Save Grey Water For Your Garden

I feel as though I waste a good deal of water in the kitchen and bathroom.  This is referred to as grey water, the non-contaminated water leftover from doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning your vegetables and bathing yourself.  Can this water be diverted from going down the drain and used in the garden?  The answer is yes and here are some ways that I have come up with to help you do this

I Am Not Supporting Monsanto Afterall, How About You?

I was at the Co-Opportunity the other day and ran into one of their extremely helpful and friendly staff members concerned about the seeds they sell being owned by Monsanto.  This was in reference to the post about me unknowingly supporting Monsanto because of the seed company I support.  After re-checking my sources and tracking through the genealogy of different seed companies it turns out that Botanical Interests is not owned by Monsanto.  The bad news is that it is still quite confusing and often secretive as the owner of seed companies.  Click the image below to can see the web Monsanto and others have weaved throughout the seed world through the years.  We should ask ourselves how did this happen?

The Traffic Triangle

Living in the congested Westside area of Los Angeles over time has changed my perspective on commuting and the use of my car.  It has also shaped my ideals of my own solutions to improve traffic flow in and around my neighborhood.  I live in what I dub thee “Traffic Triangle” because you can only go in three directions, since the glorious Pacific Ocean, our natural free air conditioning, is just due West

I dare you, go North to the Valley on the epic and mind-numbing 405 freeway which is the most heavily travelled highway in the nation

Independence And Liberation Is Growing Your Own Food

Remember when Uncle Sam was concerned with Americans growing their own food and saving money?  That was a long time ago and times sure have changed.  Lately, it seems that Uncle Sam has been hard at work bailing out the “too big to fail” institutions rather than encouraging us to grow our own food, take control of a portion of our food supply and to save money while learning great life skills.  This is where We The People of the globe must mount a campaign to convince our family, friends and community to start growing-your-own food.  I realize that growing food is easier said than done, but there are ways to encourage a positive experience with gratifying result.  Here are some ideas to help with convincing the less enthusiastic:

I Am Supporting Monsanto, Are You?

Did I get your attention?  Did that statement make you a little perturbed?  I hope so.  I recently realized that the seed company that I buy from, Botanical Interests, is owned by corporate giant and leading purveyor of genetically modified seeds, crops and chemical pesticides, Monsanto.  Sure my seeds are organic and I purchased them from an employee owned co-op called Armstrong Garden Center, but as I always say, vote with your wallet.  Well there is no hanging chad here, I cast my vote for the wrong candidate.  While I am not intentionally supporting Monsanto, it could have been avoided by simply doing a little bit of research. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?  This ends here and now with some ways on how we all can avoid putting our hard earned money into Monsanto’s wallet when growing-your-own.