Independence And Liberation Is Growing Your Own Food

Remember when Uncle Sam was concerned with Americans growing their own food and saving money?  That was a long time ago and times sure have changed.  Lately, it seems that Uncle Sam has been hard at work bailing out the “too big to fail” institutions rather than encouraging us to grow our own food, take control of a portion of our food supply and to save money while learning great life skills.  This is where We The People of the globe must mount a campaign to convince our family, friends and community to start growing-your-own food.  I realize that growing food is easier said than done, but there are ways to encourage a positive experience with gratifying result.  Here are some ideas to help with convincing the less enthusiastic:

Seed sharing, sow seeds together and when you grow together, you have a support system to learn and share with one another.  Also, you can buy in bulk and save money

Sprouting, start simple gardening is most exciting when you see the fruits of your labor.  The good news is there is little labor involved in sprouting and the fruits appear quickly, making this a great activity for kids and adults alike.  If sucessful at growing food, people are likely to encourage others and so on.

Spread the gift of life I believe that when gifting it should be both enjoyable and useful.  What is better than giving growth and life for years to come?  Start simple with a one quart mason jar + screen for drainage + organic seeds which will be extremely cheap.  Check out Sprout People for organic sprouting seeds and other sprouting resources and tools.  You can also re-gift your unused gardening supplies, like extra pots, watering cans and other tools.

Start your own CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) within your network or family, friends and neighbors.  Even if you don’t have the yield to share every week or month, you can arrange to have a picnic or dinner party where the members of the CSA makes a dish using the fruits of their labor.

Help! Offer your expertise and knowledge at every step.  If you don’t know how-to go to the interwebs.  Share your favorite boo

Please share your tactics to help encourage our communities to take up the shovel and sheers? – GreenUp! Guy


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