5 Ways To Walk More

photo-5With the conveniences of our fast moving society it is easy to go a day or days without walking the 10,000 steps we are supposed to take each day.  Here are a 5 ideas to help find the steps to get closer to our goal of 10,000.

Take a walk during your lunch or coffee break, time permitting of course.  Store a pair of appropriate walking shoes at your desk.  Find a pal to walk with and de-stress a bit during the work day.

Alternatively commute to work one way and walk the other way.  Carpool with a pal one way and walk the other, then switch off if desired.  That way each carpool pal gets a chance to walk.

shoppingcartShop locally and walk your errands.  We should always be looking for ways to support our local economy.  Maybe you will spend a bit more money than at a big box store, but think of the savings on gas and your own sanity trying to park in some of these parking lots.  Walking errands with a personal shopping cart helps you carry your cargo without straining your arms, back or neck.

Walk to the gym as a warm up for your workout.  If it is too far to walk both ways, take alternative transportation on the way home.  If there is no alternative transportation in sight, then park a mile from the gym and walk the rest of the way.

Walk around the neighborhood when you get home from work.  Make it a routine and you will want and need to do it.  What’s the worst that could happen, meet some of your neighbors or see some cute dogs.  Take advantage of the Summer season and long sunshine hours.

How do you incorporate walking to your daily life?  We should learn how to be happy from man’s best friend, anyone up for a walk? – GreenUp! Guy



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