How To Save Grey Water For Your Garden

photo-1I feel as though I waste a good deal of water in the kitchen and bathroom.  This is referred to as grey water, the non-contaminated water leftover from doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning your vegetables and bathing yourself.  Can this water be diverted from going down the drain and used in the garden?  The answer is yes and here are some ways that I have come up with to help you do this.

  • When cleaning your vegetables use a receptacle to catch the grey water in the sink.  This water may be even more nutritious for your plants because soil or other nutrients may wash off in the grey water.  Simplify this task by using a salad spinner as the water is collects at the bottom of the bowl.  Clean your vegetables in the salad spinner for an easy grey water collection system.
  • Catch the bath or shower water while it is heating up to your desired temperature.  Place a bucket under the water spout to collect.  If you don’t feel like to carrying that bucket out to the garden, bring your watering can into the bathroom.  If you don’t feel like traveling with water through your home, use it to flush your toilet.   Pour the water in the upper tank after flushing and the tank begins to refill.
  • Collect the water from soaking and rinsing and rinsing and rinsing your sprouts.  Sprouting requires rinsing two to three times per day so you might as well collect this water for your garden.  If you haven’t already heard about the easiest possible way to grow the nutrient dense food on the planet, you need to learn how to get started sprouting right here, right now.  Once you experience the benefits of and joys sprouting you won’t stop spreading the good word, convincing others to do the same as it snowballs in popularity.  This is like a reverse ponzi scheme because everyone wins!IMG_4470

How do you save grey water for your garden, especially from doing laundry, I have not been able to figure that one out yet.  Happy grey water collection – GreenUp! Guy

Watering Tip – remember the 3D’s when watering your plants, drench, drain and don’t drown.



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