Keep Your Worms Cool And Their Food Cooler

DSC_0001Temperature is one of the most important aspects of composting with worms.  Worms like a comfortable temperature between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  A GreenUp! community member tipped me off about freezing your worm’s food before feeding it to them.  Red wiggler composting worms refuse to eat the fresh food in their bin until it develops bacteria and fungi that breaks down the food.  Freezing your worm’s food will speed up this breaking down process, while controlling fruit flies, other insects and killing off their eggs.  Freezing also allows you to save your food scraps for longer before they go sour and smell up the kitchen.  Here are some tips for freezing up an enticing meal for your worms:

  • Chop food by hand or use a food processor to finely cut food into tiny pieces before freezing.
  • Use leftover bags from bread, crackers or produce to store your worm food in the freezer.
  • Let the food completely thaw before feeding it to your worms.
  • Remove extra liquid once the food thaws.  Based on your bin’s moisture level you can decide how much liquid to include.

I will leave you with a few mistakes to avoid when feeding your worms.  The cover to my Worm Factory 360 provides a wealth of valuable information. Please share your tips on feeding your worms – GreenUp! Guy


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