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The grow-your-own movement is really starting to gain steam.  As a new gardener I quickly realized that there is a great deal of time, effort, care and research involved in growing food.  The other side of the equation is personal achievement and the immense health benefits of eating clean and fresh food from your own “farm”-to-table.  It is well worth the effort for the sweet reward.  I can’t really sit here  and preach that everyone must grow their own food.  That would be presumptuous since our time is so precious and not everyone has the means and space to grow a garden.  This is where sprouting comes in.  Sprouting is like the CliffsNotes of growing your own food.  You don’t need any light, it should be done in-doors, you probably have some of the hardware needed to get started and even brown thumbs can do it with a high probability of success.

Because of my success with sprouting I am very passionate about trying to convince others to start as well.  It is fun to see new sprouters be amazed by the quick growth and ease of sprouting.  Even more fun is to hear about how they have convinced their friends and neighbors to start sprouting.  I call this my sprouting ponzi scheme.

Here is what you will need to start a sprouting ponzi scheme:

Mason Jars can be found at grocery, home supply, home improvement stores and online.  I purchased a case of 12 pint jars at my local home improvement store with a 20% off coupon for maximum savings.  You also need a screen or cheese cloth to cover the jar to allow for rinsing and drainage.

Seeds for sprouting are available at nurseries, garden supply, home improvement stores and online.  Buy from a company that only sells non-GMO seeds like the Sprout People.  Buy seeds in bulk and share the cost with other sprouters that you enlist.

Water source for rinsing the sprouts. You will need to rinse the sprouts in the morning and evening at the minimum.  TIP: Save the excess water from rinsing the sprouts for irrigating other plants.

Bowl is utilized to store the jar upside down to aid in constant draining and minimize the chance of mold growing on your sprouts.

There are many resources out there to help you get started sprouting on the “interwebs.”  Take a look a previous post on how to sprout.

The best part of the sprouting ponzi scheme is when your sprouters share their sprouts with you.

– Happy Sprouting – GreenUp! Guy

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