Top 5 Reasons Not To Label GMOs


  1. gmobadapple_You love the challenge of reading food labels with a paragraph of ingredients that you can’t pronounce.  You know, like sodium pyrophosphate and disodium inosinate.
  2. You want an apple that will not brown and the GMO “Franken-Apple” claims to deliver on that promise.  You can cut out the middle-man by adding a squeeze of lemon juice to the exposed portion of your apple to slow the natural enzymatic browning process.
  3. You don’t want the corporations to have to spend any more money opposing legislation to label GMOs.
  4. You don’t want to keep a tally of how many former Monsanto employees work within various branches of the US government and have for decades. 
  5. You can’t wait for the arrival of GMO sugar beets, GMO alfalfa and even the prospect of GMO farmed salmon on US soil and in your favorite grocery store.

nongmoproductRevised-SealObviously this is a nice dose of down home sarcasm.  It is imperative that we participate in this food fight of our lives.  Start by supporting brands that have been non-GMO verified and/or organic to vote with your wallet.  If you live in California, vote YES on Proposition 37 the “Right To Know” initiative to label GMOs this November.  If you live elsewhere check out the “Just Label It” national campaign.  What are you doing to help us win this food fight? – GreenUp! Guy.



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