Help Pass GMO Labeling in California From Anywhere


Let me start off by saying that I despise political ads, political snail mail and I am mildly bothered by signing petitions.  But when it comes to California’s Proposition 37 which would require the labeling of genetically modified foods, I will be voting YES, YES, YES and YES.  This California political fight must be fought across borders since the corporations will spend their nearly unlimited monies in your State or Country next to ensure GMOs are never labeled.  Help the campaign from anywhere by voting with your wallet and spending your hard earned money on products from companies that provide clean, non-GMO food.  Unfortunately, even some of these companies are working to defeat the GMO labeling initiative.  I hope that you will join me in not supporting the following companies and their products because of their donation to defeat Proposition 37:

Pepsi-Co $90,220.06
  • Tostito’s Organic
  • Tropicana Organic
  • Naked Juice
Coca-Cola $61,208.60
  • Odwalla
  • Honest Tea
ConAgra $56,598.50
  • Orville Redenbacher’s Organic
  • Hunt’s Organic
  • Alexia Foods
  • Lightlife
Kellogg’s $33,248.40
  • Keebler Organic
  • Kellogg’s Organic
  • Bear Naked
  • Kashi
  • Morningstar Farms
  • Wholesome & Hearty
J.M Smucker $20, 395.80
  • Santa Cruz Organics
  • Smucker’s Organic Peanut Butter
  • R.W. Knudsen
  • Natural Brew
  • Tenderleaf Tea
Hormel Foods $19,657.70
  • Natural Choice
General Mills $19,400.28
  • Cascadian Farm
  • Muir Glen
  • Gold Medal Organic
Bimbo Bakeries* $17,783.30
  • Earth Grains
DelMonte $14,400.28
  • DelMonte brand organic pickles
  • DelMonte brand organic canned tomato products
  • Fruit Naturals
Hershey $8,440.28
  • Dagoba
Cargill $5424.94
  • White Wave/Silk
  • Horizon
  • Organic Cow of Vermont
Campbell Soup Co. $5,340.56
  • V8 Organic
  • Prego Organic
  • Swanson’s Organic
  • Pace Organic
  • Campbell’s Organic
  • Bolthouse Farms
McCormick $5,302.10
  • McCormick Organic Spices

Source: Organic Consumers Association

It may seem difficult, especially if some of your favorites are up there, but we must stick together on this.  Help secure a future where we can all know exactly what is in the food we eat.  GreenUp! Guy

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