The Dirty Dozen Is Recruiting

The Environmental Working Group provides extremely useful information about clean and green living.  From food to personal care products to cleaning solutions, the Environmental Working Group tests and rates the products on a scale of toxicity.  The “Dirty Dozen” refers to produce in which pesticides are heavily utilized and should be bought as organic for your health.  The Dirty Dozen is recruiting and not having difficulty finding candidates, newly added for 2012, green beans and kale.  On the other end of the spectrum is the “Clean Fifteen” which refers to produce with the least amount of pesticides utilized when growing and may be bought as conventional.  Do you see any member of the Clean Fifteen that you would demote to the  Dirty Dozen?


source: Environmental Working Group

I would like to nominate corn and peas.  These two get the nod because they are in the top ten most genetically modified foods.  This means that there is a high probability that conventional corn and peas in stores are genetically modified.  Below is a list of all ten most genetically modified foods and should be bought as organic:


source: Raw For Beauty

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