The GMO Labeling Battleground Is On Your Plate

30370_428842467171371_1937059440_nPolling places have been closed for days now and provisional ballots may still be counted but we have the final results.  47% of California, 4.2 million voters showed support for GMO labeling by voting yes on Proposition 37.  Unfortunately 53% did not support GMO labeling and voted no.  $46 million big ones was spent by the opponents of Proposition 37 which employed a media campaign heavy on misinformation, but that is not important right now.  We need to move the GMO labeling fight to our plate immediately.  Here are a few tools for our non-violent arsenal.

Use the non-GMO shopping guide to help maneuver the GMO contaminated waters of food shopping.  Shop at stores that support the Non-GMO project and try to buy as many products with one or both of the logos below to avoid GMOs:


ngplogo usdaorganic

Buy from brand “HEROES” that are support our right to know if GMOs are in the food we eat.  Stop buying products from brand “ZEROES” and nail them in the earnings, where it hurts most.

scorecardFind a full list of endorsements for Proposition 37 here.

Please share ideas on how you plan to battle GMO labeling.  This is just the beginning and the momentum is on our side so keep up the fight. – GreenUp! Guy

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