The Doctor Is Magic


I have been seeking out natural replacements free of cancer causing parabens for my personal care products.  Well I am so happy with this amazing bar soap, I had to tell all.  Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are truly magic.  The smell is like aroma therapy, the feel is clean to the touch and it does not even burn the eyes if you happen to get a bit in there.   The Dr only uses organic oils and ingredients that are fair trade.  The only downside to this soap is the price tag which ranges from a sale price of $2.99 to $5.49 per bar.  It can be obtained for less, but how much less?

Check if your local Bed Bath & Beyond carries The Dr.  If so, buy at least $15 worth of soap and then use your $5 off $15.  Example, at $3.19/bar x 5 bars = $15.95 – $5 coupon = $10.95/5 bars = $2.19/bar pre-tax, a 32% discount.

Look for the soap on sale at your local store or purchase from a store that has a discount day.  My favorite store, the Co-Opportunity, has 10% off day once a month for members.

Online should be the cheapest price but I have yet to find a source that beats the $2.19/bar price even taking into account free shipping and a tax-free transaction.  What is the best price you have found for this soap and where?  Please share your super-secret deals with me.

BONUS! Vote with your wallet, Dr Bronner’s is a major proponent of the GMO labeling movement. – GreenUp! Guy


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