Toy Story 1,2,3 to Infinity


IMG_5899Now that Grey Thursday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over with, let’s talk real money savings.  As an aspiring parent, I have to give props to all you out there raising children.  I calculated how much it is to raise a child from birth to 18 and it ranged from $410,000 to $530,000 dependent upon specific factors including location and whether upper education is being paid by the parent.  With food, energy and general living costs on the up-and-up, finding new/old ways to bring down expenses is welcome with open arms.

My parents are a good source for already enjoyed infant, baby and toddler toys, clothing and accessories.  Also known as geema and papa to my niece and nephew, my parents have accumulated quite the toy chest and now looking to liquidate.  I am helping them find good homes for these goodies.  I call this “Toy-Sharing”, where you gift, re-gift, exchange and barter toys for more variety without having to spend a dime.  As a semi-serious collector of Matchbox cars since I was a wee little one, I decided to toy-share a portion from my fleet of 1:64 scale automobiles with car loving kids of friends and family.

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are great places to toy-share.  Take a photo with Instagram, to make the toy look vintage, that sells it.  You can also toy-share outside of your friend list by donating to hospitals, shelters, children’s homes, charities and many other outlets.  Don’t forget to clean toys naturally before your bundles of joy gets their hands and/or mouth on it.

Why let previously enjoyed toys sit in the attic and deteriorate when other children can re-enjoy them all over again?  They will have to learning the harsh lesson that driving your Matchbox cars on beach sand results in wheels that will never roll the same again. – GreenUp! Guy


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