Thank You, Cut And Come Again


IMG_5977If you want to grow-your-own food with little effort I recommend starting with lettuce.  Growing lettuce is a good way to offset your food costs.  Lettuce is easy to grow, making it a great starter crop for adults and kids to learn valuable gardening skills.  Here are some tips on growing lettuce with a goal of a longer harvest period to get the best bang for your buck.



Lettuce does not need an abundance of light or space and can be grown in containers, raised beds, and of course in the Earth.  You can even grow lettuce indoors.

Cut and come again to get a recurring crop and encourage growth.  This is done by cutting or gently pulling off the outer leaves.  This will result in the leaves growing back sometimes even larger and stronger than its predecessor.  This also helps to keep the plant from going to seed, meaning that it is  it keeps it from going to seed and ending the grow cycle for the season.  Another way to encourage continuous growth and a longer harvest season is succession planting.  This is sowing seeds every few weeks to have a crop ready for harvest just in time.

If you choose to harvest your lettuce with scissors or a knife, please sterilize before and after use.  Many sources recommend rubbing alcohol, but a well respected Master Gardener once professed that Listerine did the trick.

Here are some tips on how-to grow your own salad bowl.  You can even grow lettuce with the help of fish, known as aquaponics.

Happy harvesting – GreenUp! Guy


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